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Experience confidence in our approach and ability
We can help you We have the time
There are many reasons why dental maintenance is delayed or avoided.  Whatever it is, we can help you. Time to listen.  Time to explain.  Time to discuss.  There's no need to rush.
We understand you We are independent
David has lived, studied and worked in the South Yorkshire region for over 25 years.  Dental issues can be very personal. It is important that you understand us and we understand you. See HERE to learn more about dental treatments and procedures. David works with full clinical freedom supported by the team at one80 Dental, free from the constraints of large-scale corporate dentistry.  The most appropriate technical support is sourced from local, national and international dental laboratories and is not restricted by the use of an 'in-house' dental technician.
We are experienced We attract great feedback
We have the experience to evaluate the latest materials, technology and procedures - and to use them appropriately. For many more reasons to visit us please see what others have to say HERE
We listen to your needs  We care
We realise that not everybody wants the same from their dentist.  We acknowledge that cosmetic procedures appeal to some and not to others.  Function, aesthetics, predictability, maintenance, cost.  We listen to what is important to you. 

Above all, we want you to be happy with the treatment that you receive.