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Ceramic crowns - thimbles

A crown is simply a tooth-shaped cover

- similar to a 'thimble'

They are sometimes called caps

Ceramic crowns - mirror
Crown 1 before

Crowns replace the structure of badly damaged teeth

- to help restore function, strength and appearance

Crown 1 after
Crown 2 Before

Crowns can improve the appearance of teeth

- by changing their shape, size, position and colour

They can cover unsightly fillings

Crown 2 After
Implant crown2

A crown can be fitted over a tooth

or on to a dental implant

Implant crown1
Crown 5 Before

Teeth need to be shaped

before crowns can be fitted

Crown 5 After
Gold crown on model

Crowns can be made entirely of metal / gold

or porcelain / ceramic

or a combination of materials

Ceramic crown on model
Crown 9 Before1

David can help remove the dark lines that

can appear around crowns

Crown 9 After
Ceramic crowns - detail

Crowns are made outside of the mouth

(either by machine or in a laboratory by a dental technician)

David then glues the crowns onto the teeth or implants

Crowns upper&lower
Crown 3 Before

It takes great skill and artistry to make a crown that

fits accurately and looks good

Crown 3 After
Crown 10 Before

David's crowns are individually hand-made

by experienced registered dental technicians

Attention to detail at each step ensures a product that

should last many years

Crown 10 After

David can help you decide which crowns are right for you

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