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Implant 7 rad1 Implant 7 - 1 Implant 7 rad2
Implant 1 Before

Dental implants are used to help

 replace missing teeth

Implant 1 After
Implant 4 before

Teeth are replaced

- to restore appearance, function and speech

 - to provide stability to the remaining teeth and bite 

Implant 4 after2
Implant 2 before

A natural tooth is made up of the bit that pokes

through the gum (the tooth crown) and the bit

underneath the gum (the tooth root)  

A dental implant usually replaces a tooth root

(just the bit under the gum)

Implant 2 after

Implant treatment is 


in stages...

...with periods of waiting

in between

each treatment

Implant 9 -2

The implant is placed into the bone, replacing the

tooth root, so that the top is level

 (or just below) the gum

Implant 9 -1
Implant 3 before

A false tooth (crown) can then be fixed

 onto the false tooth root (implant)

In some ways implants are similar to wall-fixings

or 'Rawlplugs'

Implant 3 after
Implant crown2

crown can be fitted on to a dental implant

- a post is screwed into the implant

and then a false tooth crown glued on to the post

Implant crown1
Implant 5 before

Sometimes a false tooth crown is screwed

directly into the implant

- this avoids the need for glue and makes

maintenance easier

Implant 5 after
Implant rad single

Replacing one tooth requires one implant

Multiple missing teeth will require multiple implants

- but not necessarily one for every missing tooth

Implant rad multiple
Implant 6 before

David only uses implants from long-established and

reputable manufacturers

Proven implant designs and genuine parts

are always used

Implant 6 after
CT guide F-F

Careful planning by experienced clinicians is an

essential part of dental implant treatment

David has used dental implants for more than

20 years to replace 1000's of missing teeth

Implant 10 -5
Implant 10 -6

David can help you decide if implants are right for you

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